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  Responsible of the project entitled: "Study of the EM energy absorption in living system models exposed to modulated microwaves of radar installations" - Grant ANSTI type T, Contract no. 7062/05.11.2001, continued as Grant CNCSIS type AT, with Contract no. 33481/17.07.2002; Budget from Romanian Ministry of Education and Research

  Staff key-member of the project: "Computational methods application for dosimetric assessment of RF absorbed field inside exposed biological models", Contract no. 32950/22.06.2004 with Aditional Act no. 34679/24.06.2005, granted by Romanian Ministry of Education and Research by CNCSIS.

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  Project director (6 partner institutions in the consortium): "Research regarding bio-electromagnetic interaction and biological impact of human exposure to radiofrequency and microwaves electromagnetic fields" - Contract no. CEEX 05-D11-54/10.10.2005, ended August 2007; financial support from Romanian Ministry of Education and Research: